Kaley Cuoco

Primarily a tv actress best known for her role on the comedy series “The Big Bang Theory”, Kaley Cuoco also has appeared in many minor film roles and B Movies. She has acting talent that spans genres from comedy to drama, which is often difficult for Hollywood actresses, who are frequently pigeonholed to one genre such as romantic comedies (think Cameron Diaz). Kaley Cuoco doesn’t mind showing off her hot body for modeling gigs or public appearances to promote herself or her acting gigs. But she tends to keep her private life, just that, private, and has had several high profile boyfriends and fiances in her past. Her hot blond looks keep many men searching for photos of her online. Since “The Big Bang Theory”, she has developed a loyal nerd and geek fanbase. Who can blame any man for not being a fan of this hot blonde actress and model?

Kaley Cuoco first wanted to play pro tennis and was actually a ranked player, but had to give up tennis after an injury. She began modeling and acting after her pro tennis dreams died. Luckily for The Daily Blonde fans, there is no shortage of hot Kaley Cuoco photos in lingerie or even semi-nude. Kaley is often featured on Hot Lists by top men’s magazines and online picks of hottest actresses, hottest blondes, hottest babes, etc.