Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez has become quite the blonde sensation with men these days. This stunning Costa Rican model has been recently featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and she has stolen the hearts of many men who find her irresistible. Her amazing blue eyes can stare deep into your soul and figure out what you desire the most. They are so hypnotizing that it is almost impossible to look away from this beautiful woman. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but also she is also quite the sweetheart. She is an active volunteer for Heartland Alliance. Her sister introduced her to humanitarian volunteer work. The stories her sister would tell her of the refugees had a large impact on her life and who she wanted to be. Not only is she a part of Heartland Alliance, but she in also an active member in the Dog Habitat Rescue.

She was born in and grew up in Costa Rica as well as the Honduras and Ecuador. She also has brains to go with those stunning looks via a Psychology Degree from Hunter College in New York. She informs her fans that the most favorite part about modeling has been traveling to different cities and countries to do her modeling work. She is so comfortable traveling, she feels as if she could be placed anywhere and be able to find her way around without a hitch. This beautiful and talented tawny blonde has stolen many a heart and will continue to do so as she progresses through her modeling career.

Check out Jessica on video during her Sports Illustrated photo shoot!