Paulina Gretzky

Now here’s a rather infamous blonde babe that we’re featuring here at The Daily Blonde. Her name is Paulina Gretzky and she is actually the oldest daughter of Wayne Gretzky, an internationally famous former hockey player and Janet Jones, a former gymnast and actress. Paulina landed here today because she’s a blonde hottie. And she’s an American model, actress and pop singer. But lately she’s been in the gossip blogs too, why? She’s been wearing revealing and sexually outfits, so paparazzi have snapped photos of her flaunting her sexy body and she likes to party Hollywood wild style. You can see for yourself that the photo is extra sexy. If you appreciate a hot blonde who loves to show off her body and tease men, then you’ll really appreciate what you see on this page. We personally love the hot look of Paulina Gretzky, so we searched around a bit more and found great photos, not only professional modeling and live event photos, but also candids and self shot photos that Paulina posts on her Twitter! There was a rumor that her father made her shut down her provocative Twitter, but it’s back up again and so is her Instagram. Alas, we only post one hot blonde photo with each Daily Blonde. You’ll be able to find a lot more hot photos of Paulina, too, just look around online!