Candice Swaenpoel

We get a lot of request email about featuring different beautiful blondes here on The Daily Blonde, but we definitely get plenty of email to feature Candice Swaenpoel again and again! We featured her in September of last year, and guys apparently can’t get enough of her here or elsewhere on the internet or on tv doing the Victoria’s Secret holiday or other extravaganzas. This is one hot blonde that can drive any man wild! If you haven’t noticed yet, she’s got some really beautiful light blue topaz like eyes that grab your attention and really captivate you, too. The next thing to notice after her beautiful eyes are her lovely lips, that would definitely feel good on… well… you get the picture in your mind! Candice isn’t one of those prudish lingerie models who’s afraid to show her breasts like Gisele Bundchen. There was even a t-shirt campaign in Brazil called (translated) “Free the Two” meaning for Gisele to show off her breasts, which she never has. But there are topless photos of Candice Swaenpoel (do a Google Images search) of her on the internet. There’s not much more that we can say about today’s Daily Blonde aside from the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking and you’ll fall in love with this sexy blonde Goddess every single time you see her. Enjoy!