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The Daily Blonde

Welcome to the new The Daily Blonde where we will be posting photos of a new hot blonde amateur girl, solo girl, model, celebrity, actress, singer or porn star almost every day! Our intentions are to post a blonde hottie in calendar format and make The Daily Blonde a daily blonde photo post. We were sad to see the former TheDailyBlonde.com fold, but we were amped to have the opportunity to re-open the site and offer blonde fans a place to go every day to see another hot blonde! We’re also hoping to initiate a ratings feature for photos of the daily blondes, so that you can vote for your favorite blondes!

Do blondes have more fun? Or do we have more fun looking at blondes? Hard to say, no pun intended. Google searches are statistically higher for blondes than brunettes or redheads. Who cares if blondes are natural blondes? Natural blondes are extremely rare anyway. The carpet or vinyl doesn’t have to match the curtains, hint hint. Blonde hair is the attraction plus a sexy blonde attitude. Studies have shown that blonde hair and its unmistakable color stand out in a crowd and men who are attracted to blondes have a visual affinity for blondes.