Beautiful Blonde

Kristanna Loken might be an American model and actress, but her Nordic blonde looks can’t belie her Norwegian family background. A naturally beautiful blonde and also very talented, Kristanna should be an actress everyone knows. But alas, everyone doesn’t know Kristanna. Kristanna almost caught her big break after appearing as a deadly and dangerous blonde cyborg in one of the Terminator movies; unfortunately, she didn’t get cast in any follow-up blockbuster movie roles that would have helped her build momentum or become a movie star. Certainly, there is no deficit with Kristanna’s acting skills which are stellar or her beautiful blonde looks which are amazing! While this blonde stunner has been in quite a few films and well-known tv shows, her career resume of late has been comprised of foreign actioners, short features and indie films. Everyone has to pay the bills, so whatever Kristanna chooses to do with her career, acting, modeling, etc., we’ll keep our eyes on this beautiful blonde with Scandinavian roots and appreciate all she has to offer from her photo shoots or in her film roles. We’d watch a movie with Kristanna in it, just to see Kristanna, regardless if the movie was any good or not.

Beautiful Blonde Kristanna Loken