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Ashley Benson

Today’s Daily Blonde is Ashley Benson, a currently 24 year old supermodel who is probably most widely known for her role on Days of Our Lives from 2004 through 2007 and most recently appeared in Spring Breakers, a racy movie about for hot girls who want to go on spring break in Miami. Ashley is a born an raised American girl, straight out of Anaheim, California. As a child at just four years old, she started dancing competitively in jazz, ballet and hip hop competitions. Ashley also likes to sing and she was even asked to sing solo for four Christmas services when she was only four years old by her church.

Ashley Benson, the sexy and wild blonde started working on her career toward fame back in 1999 where she appeared in several commercials. She changed over to television appearances though, and by 2004 she signed a contract to be with the TV show Days of Our Lives for three years. After this, she moved on to play in movies, with one of her first movies being Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleading Scandal, where she had to attend cheerleading practice and learn all sorts of sexy stunts using her long, slender legs and that hot body she has. This picture of Ashley Benson shows her big tits, sexy hair and pretty face while she’s in a bikini sitting on a motorbike. You’ve gotta love how sexy she looks in this picture. She definitely earns her way right into The Daily Blonde’s hot blonde babe list!

Ashley Benson